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What Is a Blog?

The word blog is actually constructed from the words web and log. Web: the blog is on the Internet (the web) and may be shortened from the word website. Log: as you are logging your stories or journal.

Web + Log = Blog

A blog is like a website, but has content that frequently changes. The author of the blog will usually post articles that they’ve written on a variety of subjects. Sometimes blogs have more than one author, and may be written by a company.

They may choose to write stories, post photographs, write articles on topics that they're interested in. In fact, a blog can be about almost anything.

Example Blog Page
Example of a Blog Page

What Is My Blog about?

This is my personal blog.

I use my blog to practice my writing, to give information about my books, and to post freebies such as the free colouring page.

What is a blog post?

This is an article that the author of the blog has written. It is a bit like The Wall on Facebook.

What Does It Mean to Subscribe to My Blog?

If you subscribe to my blog, then you will receive a copy of my latest post directly to your email inbox. This means that you don’t have to visit my blog to read my latest news. However, the link to my blog will be included in the email.

Why Do I Want People to Subscribe to My Blog?

As a writer, it is nice to know that people are reading my work. It is also good to know that I have a way to let people know about my books. I want to keep my blog interesting and exciting, with lots of new material and freebies.

How Often Will I Receive Emails?

I usually update my blog every 1 to 2 weeks, although it can be less often. I actually suffer from RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), which means I get a lot of pain in my wrist if I use the computer. I use voice software to help me do my work, but it takes me longer to write articles than most people.

Can I Cancel the Emails?

Every email has an unsubscribe link at the bottom, so you are in control all the time.

What Happens to My Email Address?

The author of the blog will be able to see your email address once you have subscribed. However, my blog is operated by Blogger (a Google product) and is password protected. The author of this blog is Susan Moffat.

How Do I Subscribe?

Either enter your email address into the box below, or the subscription box that you can find at the top right hand side of my blog or at the bottom of my blog.

Enter your email address to subscribe to Susan Moffat's Blog:

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