Alfonso the Tortoise Book Sample

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Prince Alfonso the tortoise woke up one sunny morning in his small hut in the Land of Garden. Still feeling sleepy, he slowly plodded out of his hut and then yawned. 

He felt the sun warm up his face and brown shell. He smiled and said to the world, 'hello world.' 

'Hello, Mr Royal Prince,' said a cheeky little worm, who had just popped his head up out of the grass.

'Ooh, hello. I didn't see you there. What's your name?'

'I’m Willie and I’m so excited to meet you. I’ve been hearing all sorts of stories about you. Your crown is amazing!'

'Thanks,' replied Alfonso, chuckling to himself. It seemed lots of folk had heard about him. 

'Are you enjoying life here in the Land of Garden? Can you tell me about how you got here? Do you think you'll stay here?' asked Willie eagerly, keen to know everything about Alfonso.

Alfonso at the pet shop image from Alfonso the Tortoise

'I do love living here! A beautiful garden, filled with friendly creatures and good food delivered daily. It's paradise! Much better than at the palace.'

'I'd heard that the King was cross with you. What did you do?'

'Well, my dad, the King, said that I would have to spend every day listening to the problems of all the kingdom animals. It just didn't seem fair! So I left the palace, and now my dad is really angry with me,' answered Alfonso, sounding sad.

'Golly! So how did you end up here then?'

'Well, at first it was great. I wandered from field to field, eating a lettuce here, and some berries there. Then one day, when my belly was nice and full of lettuce, some nasty humans captured me and stuffed me in a wheeled monster. I was ever so scared!'

'That's awful!' said Willie, horrified.

'Then I fell asleep and when I woke up, I was in a small cage in a pet shop. Then I got really lucky! The best boy in the world came in and brought me here!'

Alfonso chatting to Willie the worm image from Alfonso the Tortoise

He smiled as he thought about the first time he had met Thomas.

'Yes, I was so lucky!' he continued. 'Thomas came over with the biggest smile, and I knew that I was saved! Anyway, all this talking has made me very thirsty, and my tongue is dryer than the desert. I'd better get a refreshing drink. Would you like some water Willie?' 

'I'm okay, thanks. I'd better be off. The missus is waiting for me.'

'Well, it looks like it will be a hot day today,' said Alfonso, 'I'd get to some shade if I were you.' 

'I will, don't worry. I've got plenty of soil to explore today. Bye Alfonso.'

'Bye Willie. Do come and see me again.'

'I will,' said Willie. 'What a nice friendly fella,' he thought to himself. 'It's such a shame that the royal family is still so angry with him. Thank goodness I'm just a simple worm.' He went on his way whistling a happy tune.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this sample.
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