The Therapy of Art

Over the last few years, we have seen the emergence of Art Therapy books filling the shelves of book stores, supermarkets and other retailers. It has become a great trend to enjoy spending our time colouring in the tiny details of each image, allowing our minds to relax and forget about the daily stresses. These books have been a wonderful way of introducing colouring to both adults and children.

Alfonso the Tortoise Art Therapy Colouring Page
Alfonso the Tortoise

Of course, art as therapy has been around for a long time and has been used by health professionals to help people with all sorts of health problems. Even early man, enjoyed producing art – as the cave walls provided the outlet for the first drawings.

All colouring books do provide a means of losing ourselves in the page. The more complex and difficult the colouring, the more we have to concentrate and improve our skill levels. This hobby is definitely not just for children, and we can all enjoy this precious relaxation technique.

You don't have to stop there! Get yourself a blank piece of paper, and create your own colouring page. Just allow your pencil to explore the page and see what you come up with. We don't have to share our creations, but if we want to we can create a gallery of our work on social media sites. You never know, you might inspire someone else to be creative too!

Creating art and colouring in art is extremely mindful. Feel the stress drain away from your body as you put your full concentration into the art work. How do you feel before you start colouring? How do you feel when you have finished colouring? Do you feel more relaxed?

However you want to unwind and practise your art, make sure that you have fun and enjoy it!

In the meantime, you can download the Alfonso the Tortoise art therapy colouring page by clicking the following link:

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