Welcome the World of Alfonso the Tortoise

Imagine a world where all the animals were ruled by the tortoises! Welcome to the world of Alfonso the Tortoise.

This is a story of a lonely tortoise Prince who left the Royal Palace to make new friends. The only problem...his Mummy and Daddy, the King and Queen of the animal kingdom, are very cross with Alfonso! Read the Alfonso the Tortoise series to find out how he can make his Mummy and Daddy happy again (and his little brother).

In book 1, Alfonso has a very hungry rumbly tummy. What will Alfonso do to find something to eat? How will he start to make his Mummy and Daddy happy?

Meet Willie the worm, Jeremy the bird and the rest of the gang in the Royal Tortoise Tale series. A series of books that will reveal the secret world of the animal kingdom.

Fully illustrated by author Susan Moffat.
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