The Easter Chick and A Creative Writing Course

The Easter Chick, Creative Writing Course News and Alfonso the Tortoise in Paperback!

Hi, I'm Alfonso. This week I want to tell you how I started to learn about creative writing and tell you about a cute Easter chick and the news that the Easter Chick is so excited about - Alfonso the Tortoise is now out in paperback.

Who is the Easter Chick?

Well a cute Easter Chick has been following me around all week.

"Ooh - what's this" says the Easter Chick

Apparently he has become a big fan. He found something of interest when he was having a wander!

"Ooh - now this looks very interesting!" says the Easter Chick
The Easter Chick got all excited to tell everyone the news!

"Ooh - I can't believe it! It's finally out on paperback!" squealed the Easter Chick
The Easter Chick was very happy when he found the paperback of Alfonso the Tortoise. He just couldn't wait to tell all his friends and ask his Mummy for it.

"Ooh that looks really good!" says the Easter Chick

Alfonso the Tortoise is now available on Amazon in Paperback and E-book

Fairford Centre Creative Writing Course

Susan first studied creative writing with an online course from the Fairford Centre.

Susan says it was a wonderful course which covered writing fiction for children, adults, non-fiction and more.

Without this course I wouldn't have been born. Whilst Susan Moffat was studying one of the first modules, she had to write a short story which included using all the five senses.

When Susan was studying Creative Writing - I was born!

The story was about a tortoise called Alfonso - yes, you've guessed it! It's me! Well, Susan later went on the improve my story and illustrated my story - which led to Alfonso the Tortoise.

The Fairford Centre's website is:

Happy studying!

Love Alfonso

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