Writing A Legal Disclaimer For Your Blog

The following question recently occurred to me, do we need a legal disclaimer when writing a blog?

I did some research. The answer definitely seems to be yes.

How many of us are blindly typing away on our blogs without considering the legal implications?

Probably quite a few.

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So where do you start when you have no legal knowledge. I had an idea of some of the things I'd want to include, but how to word it, and what about what I hadn't thought about?

So once again I turned to the internet. Luckily, other kind bloggers have also asked and answered that question. Here's a blog article, written by a blogger called Raelyn Tan, that I found particularly helpful:

This then gave me a set of points that I needed to consider. I started writing my terms of use, but still needed a few more points. After a little more research on the internet, I had finally finished writing my legal disclaimer.

You can find my legal disclaimer, under Terms of Use at the bottom of my blog. This is accessible from all of my posts and pages. You can also read it here:

Alfonso the Tortoise Blog - Terms of Use


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