Alfonso and the Prickly Visitor Book Sample

Enjoy the first 8 pages from Alfonso and the Prickly Visitor by Susan Moffat,
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Alfonso and the Prickly Visitor by Susan Moffat

Image of angry King

Alfonso the tortoise was just about to take a bite out of a rather large berry, when he heard the flap of wings.

Greetings Your Highness,’ said a beautiful blue and orange bird.

Hi Jeremy. Do you have any news from my parents?’ asked Alfonso. He had made his Mum and Dad very cross when he had decided to go off on an adventure, rather than helping at home. He had sent a message to his parents a week ago to say sorry.

Jeremy hung his head in sadness. ‘Yes, Your Highness. I’m afraid that the King says that he’s still very angry with you. The King says that you need to return to the palace straight away.’

Alfonso talking to Jeremy the bird image

Oh no, that’s terrible. I’m not ready to go back. I just love life here in the Land of Garden too much,’ said Alfonso, feeling very sorry for himself.

Life was so boring in the palace,’ he continued. ‘All those animals coming with their problems. Dad said that it was my duty to hear all their troubles, and that there wasn’t time for fun. But what kind of life is that?’

I’m sure it was hard Your Majesty. But you need to find some way to be forgiven by the King and Queen,’ advised Jeremy.

Hmm, surely there is some way I can stay here, but still make things right with my parents. I just want to be able to choose what I do with my life.’

I know you do Your Majesty, hopefully you will come up with a solution soon and things will be better with the King and Queen again.’

I know. I will think of something,’ said Alfonso, feeling determined.

The arrival of the prickly visitor image

Just then Alfonso heard a sniffling noise coming from behind the hut. He turned around slowly, as tortoises do, to see a little nose sticking out. A very strange spiky looking character wandered out in front of him.

Excuse me Mr Tortoise and Mr Bird,’ said the visitor with a squeaky voice, ‘my name’s Eric.’

My name is Prince Alfonso,’ said Alfonso, ‘and this is my friend Jeremy.’

Wow, a Prince! That’s amazing!’ uttered Eric, astonished to meet a real life Prince.

Where have you come from? You weren’t here when he I started eating my lunch?’ asked Alfonso.

Alfonso meets Eric the hedgehog image

Eric gave a shy smile, ‘I was watching you,’ he answered. ‘Mr Prince, sir, please could I have a little of your food, I’m ever so hungry?’

Alfonso looked at Eric. He was ever so small and was indeed quite scrawny looking. ‘Of course! Help yourself!’

Eric scurried up to Alfonso’s red food bowl, and sniffed the contents. They smelt wonderful. He ate a few berries and felt much better. ‘Oh Mr Prince, sir, that was amazing! Thank you so much!’

Alfonso studied the little fellow. ‘What are you might I ask? Where do you live? Does your owner not feed you like mine does?’ queried Alfonso.

I’m a hedgehog Mr Prince, sir. The likes of us don’t get to be pets, so I haven’t got an owner.’ Eric stared sadly at the green grass.

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