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Hi, I'm Alfonso the Tortoise.

This week I want to let you know that my author, Susan Moffat, is now on the Goodreads website. I'm also going to give you another writing tip, and I have the best news ever - I have now got 7 five star reviews on Amazon. That makes me a very happy tortoise!


Susan is now on the Goodreads website as my author. She will be busy updating her author page during the next week. You can even see what book she's currently reading - it's a bit scary if you ask me! I definitely don't feel brave enough to read that one.

Goodreads is a great website as you can find out about all sorts of amazing books and even see what your friends are reading. I wonder what Jeremy the bird will read next - hmmm, I must have a look.

Check out my Goodreads page:

Check out Susan's Goodreads page:

If you read my book it would be amazing if you could go over to the Goodreads website and leave a review for me. That way other readers would find out about my book and might give it a try.

Writing Tip

If you want to write a story or poem, then find time to write a little every day (or every weekday if your weekends are just too much fun!).

Susan keeps telling me that if I want to write a book, I just need to keep on writing and that even 5-10 minutes a day can make a difference. Now sometimes, I'm just too busy checking out what's going on with my friends in the Land of Garden. But if I'm serious, then I need to spend a few minutes everyday adding to my story. Before I know it - I'll have a bestseller - I just need to think of a title...

Seven 5* Reviews - hooray!

I was so excited when I read what people were writing about me on Amazon. It's just lovely to hear how much readers want to find out about me and my friends. Some of them even say they can't wait to find out what we get up to next. Just wait until I tell my friends. I wonder if Thomas will notice. He still thinks I'm just a normal tortoise with a funny looking toy crown on my head - imagine if he really knew who I was!

Well that's it for this week. Have a great weekend everyone!


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