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Hi, I'm Alfonso. Welcome to my first official post now that I have some followers. This week I want to tell you about my author Susan Moffat's author page on Amazon. I'm also going to give you a writing tip.

Author Page

Checkout Susan's author page at:

It's fab as it tells you why Susan loves tortoises so much. If Susan hadn't read Small Gods by Terry Pratchett I wouldn't even exist!

Writing Tip

If you want to write a story, then keep a notebook with you.

Then wherever you are you can write down your ideas.

You can always write them in your phone or tablet too. Then you will never be short of ideas - and never get writers block!

Don't forget those dreams - if something cool happens in your dreams, jot that down too.

You never know what will turn into a story or poem.

Alfonso's Dream

Last night I dreamt about fish...they were flying around in a UFO..I wonder if I'll ever meet some? Hmmm, were they friendly I wonder.

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