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5 Star Reviews for Alfonso the Tortoise and Other News -

Hi, I'm Alfonso the Tortoise

This week I want to tell you about my Amazon reviews, tell you about my walkabout on the internet, and tell you about Goodreads.

5* Reviews on Amazon

I now have nine 5* star reviews on Amazon! Thanks to everyone who has reviewed my book so far. I'm very happy that you're all loving it.

One of my lovely readers even said that they thought my book would be great for 8 year olds. So I've gone ahead of upped my suggested age limit to 8 (although I'm very happy that older children, adults and my animal friends are also enjoying the book).

Alfonso on Facebook

Well, I went for a short walk on the internet this week and wandered across a little app called Facebook. It looked like such a lovely place that I've created a page there.

You can now follow me on Facebook at:

Goodreads update

Susan has been busy updating her Goodreads author page this week.

Ask Susan a question on Goodreads!

She has even answered a couple of questions. You can post questions to Susan using Goodreads, or even by using the comments sections in my blog.

Read more about Susan at Goodreads:

Love Alfonso

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